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Prestige Hearing: your local hearing experts

Discover Prestige Hearing, your trusted audiology partner in Cardiff and Bridgend. We specialise in hearing tests, earwax removal, and tailored hearing solutions.

Led by Head Audiologist Louise Moss, our client-centred care ensures you receive the best hearing solutions. Experience clear hearing and an improved quality of life with Prestige Hearing.


Our Mission

To transform lives through clear hearing

At Prestige Hearing, our mission is crystal clear: to transform lives through better hearing. We believe that the ability to hear is a precious gift that enriches every aspect of our lives. Our commitment is unwavering - to provide you with the most comprehensive hearing care, tailored to your unique needs.


Who we are

Meet our audiologist - Louise Moss

Meet Louise Moss, our Head Audiologist and Director, a registered hearing aid dispenser with over 20 years of experience and a proud member of The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. Louise is dedicated to providing client-centred care, rooted in honesty, transparency, and empowerment. She believes in maximising each client's lifestyle through personalised solutions and expert guidance.

Running an independent business, Louise selects the best technology from any manufacturer. As a friendly Audiologist, she understands your unique needs, communicates on your terms, and values your satisfaction and well-being. Choose Louise and Prestige Hearing for expert, compassionate hearing care.

HOW we do it

Our approach

Empowering you to hear clearly

Not all hearing care professionals are created equal. At Prestige Hearing, we pride ourselves on offering client-centred care at all times. What does that mean for you? It means you'll never be pushed to buy a hearing solution. Instead, you'll be informed and presented with options, allowing you to maximise your lifestyle while making an informed decision.

Unleashing the best technology for you

Prestige Hearing operates as a fully independent business, setting us apart from many high-street retail stores. What does this independence mean for you? It means you always receive the best technology for your hearing needs. We have the freedom to choose from any manufacturer, ensuring that your hearing solution is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Understanding your needs and with communication on your terms

Are you seeking a friendly hearing aid Audiologist who truly understands your needs and communicates with you on your terms? Look no further. Louise Moss and the Prestige Hearing team are here to provide you with personalised care, dedicated to your well-being.



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